Be A Leader

We all have stuff we need to work on in order to become better people. Below is a list of things we can work on to help us become better leaders, and consequently, better people.

Start with Fixed Principles

  • Know your purpose
  • Be consistent
  • “Do what I do” not “Do what I say”
  • Have team spirit
  • Don’t be afraid of close friendships
  • Be virtuous; have a moral and ethical code

Strive to Understand Others

  • Listen to others
  • Listen to your own conscience
  • Love
  • Don’t be condescending
  • Be patient
  • Be candid and forthright without being overbearing
  • Be kind, yet firm
  • Seek to understand them deeply – know the cause, not just the action

Be Selfless

  • Lead, don’t control
  • Don’t take away the freedom of others
  • Keep perspective

Hone Responsibility

  • Involve others
  • Give helpful corrective feedback
  • Believe in what they’re capable of now, what they have the potential to do, and let them know it
  • Be lovingly and reasonably demanding
  • Match the task to the ability while stretching them a little to become better
  • Create opportunities for lasting changes

Seek Accountability

  • Be accountable
  • Hold others accountable

Manage Your Time Well

  • Afford rest, relaxation, rejuvination, and recreation without avoiding responsibility
  • Time management = self management

In summary:

Good and Bad Leaders

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