Take It Home

In chapter three of The Ministry of Business, the point is made that taking work home with us isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it’s suggested that by sharing what happens at work with our spouse, we can create a strong partnership with them in all aspects of our lives.

“By allowing your spouse to become involved with your business affairs, contributing ideas and providing feedback, praise, and constructive criticism, you create a constant support system for one another. This will deepen the affection you feel for each other, and will help establish a unique equality that can’t be achieved in any other way.”

I truly believe this principle to be true. ┬áMy husband and I always take time at the end of the day to talk about what happened at work. In doing so, I’ve learned some valuable lessons regarding IT related stuff (my IT department tells me I know just enough to be dangerous) and I believe he has learned a few communication techniques from me. Because we are able to talk, freely, about our feelings, attitudes, responses, questions, and overall positions within our work places, we’ve grown closer together.

One of the most powerful things I’ve learned is that he will never teach me all that he knows. Not because he can’t, but because there simply isn’t time. Knowing that there are things he knows and I don’t helps me to respect his opinions, actions and responses so much better. Instead of instant reaction, I’ve learned that he’s acting on what he knows. Maybe he knows something I don’t. That opportunity – the opportunity to ask him what he knows that I’m missing – has helped strengthen our relationship in ways I didn’t know was possible.